Jon and the big kids went over to the cove for the state rally this weekend.  I stayed home with the little girls — two preschoolers with colds can sure make a ’68 Airstream feel crowded, fast.  I had hoped to have some photos fresh from the rally for you tonight; instead Jon came home to discover a leaky hot water heater.  Oops.  He’s off at the hardware store taking care of that, and I get to relax and mine the photo inventory for you.

Kids tell me that the big hike this weekend was a loop up to Raven Cliff Falls, and then down The Dismal.  About ten miles all the way around, if they have their facts straight.  Here’s a photo of the top Raven Cliff Falls, taken earlier in the year as you can tell by the deep green foliage.  Western South Carolina is packed with waterfalls; some you have to hike into, like Raven Cliff, others you can view from the side of the road or with just a short walk.

PS: A little note about the date stamp: My wordpress account is set to GMT.  So sometimes when I post later in the day, the date shows up as the day after.  One of these days I’ll get around to fixing that.  In the meantime, you can tell whether I was running late, very late, or very very late, by how apologetic I am for missing my planned deadline.  But for the most part, barring something really crazy popping up at the last minute, you can figure I’ll have a new photo for you by the time you wake up Tuesday morning EST.