Jones Gap State Park is one of my all-time favorite upstate parks.  In addition to being beautiful — idyllic is the word that comes to mind — it is enjoyable for all ability levels.   Rediculously difficult hiking, easy walks, and nice one-way or out-and-back hikes for in-betweeners.  I’ve never personally tested the wheelchair accessibility, so can’t vouch for it, but here is the view from the pedestrian bridge by which you enter the park from the disabled parking area (separate from the main parking area, so much less likely to be taken over by unauthorized users — and on busy days, the rangers do actively police the parking lots).  The point being: gorgeous from the first step into the place.  Well worth a visit, any time of year.

And of interest to Palmetto Cove campers:  A few years ago, we met one of the park rangers, who as a boy picked corn in the fields that eventually became our campground.  Told us lots of great stories about growing up on a small rural SC farm.   Neat opportunity for us.