‘Tis the season for going to see the Oconee Bells.  Here’s a photograph Jon took last spring:

It is said that 90% of all Oconee Bells are found at Devil’s Fork State Park.  Which is where this photograph was taken, on the Oconee Bells Hiking Trail. The trail is rated “easy”.  If you are comfortable walking a mile or two, and can manage uneven terrain, you can hike this trail.  Not steep or rugged by mountain standards, just a regular trail through the woods, some up and down but not bad.  Good time of year for hiking, still cool and pleasant.

In searching around, I see that the Georgia Botanical Society is planning a field March 21, 2009.  Don’t have any experience with the GBS, but it looks like a good trip.   I do highly recommend Oconee Station as a destination if you are at all interested in history and historic architecture.