. . . Interested to see if anyone plays some good April 1 pranks.

Jon & I took the big kids to Kings Mountain National Park Historic Site this past weekend, which is east of Palmetto Cove but similar geography.  Just a gorgeous site.  The hardwood forest was still wide open, no leaves out yet, so the views across the woods were enchanting.  From the top of the mountain, which is wooded, you could see the ridges in the distance.  An excellent time of year for hiking and camping — pleasant days, crisp nights, the bare beginnings of spring foliage.

Great field trip destination for anyone interested in Revolutionary War history.   The visitor’s center shows a History Channel film about the battle of King’s Mountain, has a nice museum covering firearm technology of the era, life in the region during the Revolutionary war, and the details of the battles.  The visitor’s center bookshop is, wow, very enticing.  Loaded with great books for all ages, and some good maps as well.  Covers everything.  Period carpentry, for example.  Worth a visit, bookstore fans.

There is a 1.5 mile battlefield walking loop, paved and with no steps.   However the approach to the key historic sites is very, very steep.   So accessibility will depend on your level of fitness (or if you use a scooter/powerchair, the fitness of your machine).  Beautiful trail, worth the walk if you can do it.

The neigbhoring King’s Mountain State Park has a living history farm focused on mid-19th century subsistence farming, but that site was not yet open for the year, so I can’t give a report on it.  Also, I do not yet have photos for you.  A certain husband of mine took a bunch, but I can’t figure out how to download them, and he is, get this: *working*.  So you’ll have to wait.  Meanwhile, in honor of our re-opening, here’s a photo of the barn at Palmetto Cove.