‘Tis the season for river photos.   Our first visit to Palmetto Cove was in June of ’03, and we immediately fell in love with the river.   Truth is we’re river-loving kind of people, so we like it all year long . . . but in hot weather, this is where you want to be.

First photo shows the view standing on the rocks of Palmetto Cove’s river frontage, looking downstream.   This is the south fork of the Saluda River, just a few miles downstream from it’s source at the Table Rock resevoir.

Water level varies quite a lot.  In hot dry weather it is low and gentle, and you can let the kids swim (with supervision!) without worrying too much.  You would plan to portage quite  a lot if you tried to boat this section.

At high water, I’d estimate you get about class III rapids — Jon may chime in with a vote.  Maybe class IV, depending.  Even in a kayak there’d still be a little portaging to do — the river is really more of a big, sometimes-deep creek at this point.   If you’re camping at the cove, there is a possibility to put-in and take-out about a mile or so up- and down- stream.  So workable for a short, fun boat outing with a relatively simple shuttle from sympathetic fellow-campers.

Be mindful that most of the river frontage is private property, and trespassers are not appreciated.  Look for a proper roadside put-in and take-out, do not justify crossing someone’s land on account that it is only a few feet to the river and surely they won’t mind.

Also for those who were wondering, certain bears in the area also claim this river drainage as their territory.  Perfectly nice bears, I’m sure, but bearish, as bears tend to be.  Act accordingly.  I don’t think we’ve had any daytime sightings during camping season on cove property itself.  Evenings and early mornings, yes.