Woohoo!  This coming weekend in the WBCCI’s South Carolina State Rally.  Translation: Lots of shiny silver airstreams gathered in one place.

It’s a  joyful event for us:  Palmetto Cove was originally founded as the headquarters of the Palmetto State Unit of the WBBCI, and for years was an Airstream-only campground.    There’s just something right about so many Airstreams winding their way to the old home for the weekend.  From the Caesar’s Head Overlook, you can see the campground in the valley below, gleaming campers in neat lines across the opening in the trees.

You need to be a member of the WBCCI in order to participate in the rally.  But there are usually a few spaces available for ordinary campers, so non-airstreamers are welcome to come and camp and get a peek at all the excitement.