. . . It is to be admitted, the weather for State Rally was, shall we say, a touch damp?  Apparently the characteristic wide blue skies that usually attend were running a few days late — we had a brilliant stretch of clear weather in the week after, so much so that I had to break down and water my garden in order to inspire the next batch of promised rain to make its appearance.

But in defense of our fine mountains, there is gorgeous autumn hiking even on gray days.  Does this trail not beg you to explore the next bend?

And I think Raven Cliff Falls performs quite respectably in soft light, no?

Only a few more weeks until the Cove closes for the season.   Hopefully one of my faithful readers will speak up and tell me the exact closing date this year, lest I have to break down and e-mail someone for the information.  Must go fetch camper for winter maintenance.  (Campers can be stored on-site through the winter, but there is no access to the campground during that time.  Which rule our security person is quite firm enforcing.)