Palmetto Cove is set up primarily as a rally-campground — ideal for group events.  Rather than isolated sites, the camping is gathered together in one large field, surrounded by the various recreation areas at the campground.    You might think that with that sort of set-up, folks would be more or less indifferent to which site they chose.  Not so, not so — turns out  everybody has their preferred camping spot.

This is ours: Next to the tall trees on the western edge of the campground, sitting on a slight rise above a grassy, meadow-like swath that separates the camping area from the woods.    A little ways up towards the road from “our” spot, there is a short trail into those woods, that leads to a natural spring.  Spongy earth, ferns ferns ferns — a magical little hideaway that draws the kids every time.  (And the occasional snake rumor– we do have real wildlife here, snakes, bears, deer and centipede being the most common reports.    The most amazing: the October we happened to be on-site as the monarch butterflies migrated south. )

Anyhow, here are our trees: