I bet you haven’t.  This photo, taken November 2009, is the view from the trees at the eastern edge of the park, looking west, close to the roadside.  If you explore the immediate area, you’ll find the foundations of the old farmhouse that stood on this site years ago.  There’s a painting of it in the clubhouse.

–> This is where someone laments about the failure to preserve the old house.  And I agree, when it is possible to do so, we should do our best to preserve our historic buildings.   But it should be observed that old pine-board construction turns into what we call ‘fatwood lighter’ — turpentine-soaked wood perfect for getting a fire to start in wet weather.    For that reason, circa 1900 South Carolina farm and mill houses cannot always be safely preserved.

But getting back to the view: When you visit Palmetto Cove, walk the grounds.   You drive in and think you’ve seen everything just standing at the edge of your camper.  No, you, haven’t.  Get out and look around.  There’s a lot more there than you realize.