Two bits of facilities news from the Cove:

Wi-Fi in your camper.  We’ve had internet access up at the clubhouse for a while now, but I’m told that the Wi-Fi capabilities were recently upgraded to allow campers to access the internet from their own units.  Jon was up ten days ago, and confirms that the new Wi-Fi upgrade is in working order.  So if your computer is set up to accept it, you can have on-line access from your campsite.

–> I will observe that if this causes too many Airstreamers to suddenly abandon the Joker tables, these little devices can be unplugged during the evening hours.   For your own good, of course.

Mountain Bike Trails.  (Or “hiking” trails, if you prefer). Jon & two big kids cut maybe a quarter mile of new trail through the woods, linking the existing Snell’s Trace and riverfront trails, and also bringing the hiking route up to the front of the property.  So you now have a modest bit of singletrack — a little under a mile of woods biking, we guess? — and about a two-mile loop for walking or biking altogether, if you combine the complete existing perimeter walking areas.

Please note, if you have found this site by a google search for mountain bike trails: the mountain-biking access is for campers only — the purpose is to provide a little R&R when you aren’t on the big trails, and to provide a loop for junior bikers.   There are much bigger, bolder stretches of singletrack if you are looking for an outing destination.    Don’t know where to start?  To my knowledge, Dupont State Forest is one of the better spots in the area to really stretch your legs.  If anyone else has other good upstate mountain biking links, please post in the combox.

But, we’re excited to add to the recreation opportunities within the campground, for when do you want that leisurely amble, or a convenient exercise route on-site.

And one more lecture: As with all multi-use trails, pedestrians always have the right of the way.  Ahem.


More photos coming, Jon has made me a queue and I just need to get them posted.