(We’re still here – had another round of mildy-but-actively sick children, and other odds and ends of normal life — been a bit scarce in the cyberworld as a result.  My apologies to the fans still awaiting their long-promised photos.)

The Carolina Farm Stewardship Association will be hosting a giant open house of member farms in the upstate the weekend of June 5th and 6th.

We have visited some of these farms with the kids while camping at the Cove, and everyone had a great time.  The advantage of participating in the Farm Tour Weekend is that 1) to my knowledge some farms will be open that don’t regularly host tours and 2) there will be a number of  special activities and classes that are not available if you drop in some other time.

Excellent activity for the kids or grandkids. Highly recommended.

Here is the complete brochure in PDF format.