Quiz 1: Sydney, Australia.

[Yeah, right, it was on the tip of your tongue.  I bet.]

And Quiz 2: Yet farther south, in Melbourne, Australia.

We think we live in The South.  Turns out we don’t know what southern is.  Your intrepid photographer, being the only person on the planet who did not want to go to Australia (but had to, for work), reports that he managed to have a good time anyway.  But that he is pleased to be back on this continent, and desperately wants to spend a week at the Cove in October.


He still owes me photos from his other secret non-SC voyage this year.  If those show up soon I’ll post them (same quiz format, only much easier to guess, I expect), otherwise I’ll publish some nice on-topic pics for you.  Am waiting on a mouse — yes a mouse — so I can dig into the PC where all the photos are stored.  I guess that could be a whole other line of quizzes – “Guess which technical difficulty is hampering the blog this week . . .?”.  Mmn.  I like the travel-photo thing better.