Nuts!  I forgot to update you.  Yes, Zion National Park was your answer.   Both photos below were taken in the Narrows.  Which is a spectacular hike, well worth renting some loaner gear (that water is cold!) and taking a gander.  Requires some comfort with moving through a rocky river bed, but it is slow water if you pick your season right.

Zion, btw, is one of my all time favorite national parks.  Stunning scenery, wide variety of visiting options.  Comfortable place to take the whole family, and then split up during the day per your interests and abilities.

More spectacular scenery coming, but those were my only JPEG’s, so I’ve got to go convert a bunch of raw files before I’ll have more.  Meant to do it earlier this week, and completely, utterly, totally forgot.  For no good reason.  Bad Jennifer. No biscuit.