Jon took the Overlander out for a test run this weekend.  New axles and brake cables meet spec, for a much improved ride all around.  So maybe we will take more road trips this year, rather than our usual Park-it-at-the-Cove-all-summer method.  Where to go?

I just signed the guys  up for a guided-tour field trip to King Mountains Military Park Cowpens National Battlefield, and Historic Brattonsville.  All of these would make good day trips from the Cove.  (And in the other direction don’t forget Asheville, NC.  It’s a straight shot up highway 25 —  as if highway engineers were telling you to camp at the Cove.)

–> You can read our previous trip report from King’s Mountain here, but I’m sorry there are still no photos.  I’ve scoured the files, not a one.  But here’s a tip:  If you visit early, before the leaves fill in, the views are fabulous.

But despair not, photo-lovers.  Farther afield, here are photos from the guys’ outing to Stone Mountain, NC.  Google Maps estimates about a 3-hour drive time from the Cove, so this is not one most campers would want to do as a day trip.   But as the next stop on a vacation camping tour, the distance between the two is just about right.  If I were working up the Appalachians, my next stop would be Grayson Highlands State Park in southwest Virginia.   May have some photos of that stop for you next week, need to see what I can dig out from trips past. [Editor says: Nope, sorry, none in the vault.] This week,  Stone: