The other day, Jon & I received a fabulous packet of historic Palmetto Cove documents from Graceanne Barbour, whose parents  William and Grace Barbour were founding members of the campground.  Jon is going to scan them so that I can post them here.  (Um, not right away.  We have some camping to do.  It is spring!)  But coming soon to a computer near you:

  • Original blueprints
  • A real Palmetto Cove postcard
  • the 1973 Campground Rules
  • A plan of the campground marked-up for renovations (now complete!)
  • The Barbour’s membership certificate

Neat stuff.  The rules haven’t changed much! (Pets can now camp at any site, I think that’s the only change.  And of course we aren’t Airstream-only anymore.  SOB’s — Some Other Brand — are most welcome.)

Meanwhile, Ms. Barbour writes:

When I was young, phlox was called thrift. I wonder if anyone in the south still calls it thrift. Certainly not here. I kept asking people at nurseries if I could purchase some thrift – and they’d look at me as if I were from Mars. I finally figured it out when I actually saw some “thrift,” labeled “phlox.” My parents would be completely perplexed that the facilities now include a Wi-Fi! Their Airstream was also a ’68 and it saddened us to sell it – but it needed work.

Thank you so much to the Barbours for sharing this bit of Cove history with us.  Those of you who visit Palmetto Cove in person can also browse the scrapbooks usually stored in the clubhouse.  Inquire at the office to take a look.



[Editor’s note: As Jon can attest, yes, a 1968 Airstream is a lot of work!  I think I didn’t see him for a year after we got ours — but there was this really busy guy out in the driveway every evening, looked sorta like someone I knew . . .]