Look here for our rate schedules.  I was going to say “Rates are up!”, but actually they are not up.  They are low enough we had a fellow camper admit he was suspicious of the place when he heard the prices.  [Now he’s a repeat customer.] Er, that would be because we are a non-profit organization.  But you can pay extra if that helps you feel better.  Or just ask for an odd job, your hosts have a list.


As you might suspect from the quiet on the blog, we have been enjoying spring.  The other week, Jon & the boy got restless and cut some trail.  Here’s how to find it:

-From the picnic shelter, head down to the river on the main path.

-Turn right (upstream) onto the river-front trail.

-Walk upstream to the stone boundary marker.  On the way, note the beautiful picnic areas to your right, which you probably never saw before.  Did I mention the to-do list? We need some tables put in there.  And if you like to make those attractive carved-letter wooden signs, we could use a few of those, too.

-Just before the boundary marker, the new trail is on your right.

New trail winds up the previously undeveloped hillside along the stream at the property line.  Lots of distinctive plant life, utterly unlike what can be found on the other trails in the park.  If you do the entire park loop per the map below, you will pass through a tremendous variety of micro-ecosystems.

The natural stopping point is the rocky outcropping that overlooks the stream way below, about 2/3rds of the way up the hill.  Beyond that, we are still working out how to finish the trail best.  It currently makes a sharp descent into the woods and then you exit via the utility area behind the dumpster.  (I know, I know.  Scenic.  But the bears like it, hehe.)  So at this time, I’d recommend just walking the new section as an out-and-back, from the riverfront up to the overlook and then turn around.   It is pretty enough to deserve a second look, you won’t be sorry.