Here are the tombstone engravings from the cemetery up above the picnic shelter.  They are copied almost exactly, except that I can’t get the format for some of the abbreviations into blog-type:

Hear Lies

Rachel Harkens was born

20 Feby 1803 and

decd. 27 July


The second, and only other legible tombstone, reads:

Here Lies

John Harkins who

was born 24 July

1829 and decd.

18 July 1850

My guess based on the changes in the spelling between the two is that the one was engraved, and then someone corrected the spelling errors before engraving the second.  They both have a matching design.

These two stones are accompanied by a third smaller stone of the same shape, but which is not legible if ever there had been engraving on it.  They are in a set by themselves.

Across the trail, now grown in with small trees, is a significant collection of smaller grave sites.  I would estimate twenty or so?   Some are marked with what are obviously dressed grave stones; others appear to be natural rock set into place to mark a grave site.  It is possible some of what look like tomb markers are naturally-occurring rocks there by coincidence, but they way they are set suggests they were placed intentionally.   Work for an archeologist some day.