It’s unmistakeably campfire season at the Cove.  Here’s what you need to know:

  • You may have a campfire at your site, if you contain it above-ground, such as in a grill or brazier.  (Please recall we are a volunteer-run campground.  We get no public funds.  So we don’t have the manpower to come clean up 50 campfire pits every Monday morning.)
  • There is a fabulous — did you hear me fabulous — giant stone fireplace up at the picnic shelter.  And all the rocking chairs you could want.  And a stash of firewood on-site for the purpose of building fires in that fireplace (ask your host).  Take advantage.  It’s the place to be.
  • And plus – heated clubhouse right there at the shelter as well, both for divide-and-conquer (maybe you dragged someone to the campground who just wants to go inside and play checkers), and useful for the sink for washing sticky hands post-marshmallow.

Two more camping weekends left this season.  Enjoy!