I’m putting together these notes working from memory, and having not personally tested the facilities for wheelchair access.  But here are a few comments to give a picture of the level of accessibility for campers with limited mobility.

(We do have wheelchair-using campers, but their needs may be quite different from yours.   So I’m not going to give you a “yes, we’re an accessibility wonderland” report based on that fact alone.)

General Considerations:

  • A significant percentage of our guests and volunteers are retirement-age.  So the park is designed with all the group facilities in a central and relatively accessible location.
  • All sites are level, though the campsite field does have a gentle slop up towards the road.
  • The sites closest to the group meeting hall, picnic shelter & clubhouse are reserved handicapped sites.    They are the same as any other site, but are closest to the group meeting spaces.   By all means request one if you need one.  (You can always pick a different site when you show up.)
  • All campsites are on grass — not paved.

Building Specifics:

  • Keep in mind that all RV’s must be self-contained — so by state law you must bring your own bathroom.  (At night  the public buildings are locked, so the bathroom you bring is the only one you’ll have.)  But if you simply need extra space, the restrooms in the office/meeting hall have enough room for a wheelchair.
  • Kitchen facilities are standard-type.  Plenty of room to maneuver a wheelchair in the meeting hall kitchen, quite a bit tighter in the clubhouse but still doable, but all counters are more or less your basic 36”, cabinets underneath, etc.
  • The meeting hall is equipped with folding tables and chairs, so you can set it up for group events in whatever way meets the needs of your group members.
  • I have not personally tested the doors for accessibility.  I do know that wheelchair-using campers enter buildings at will, but I cannot tell you with how much joy that is done.
  • There is a short but fairly significant grade up from the camping area to the picnic shelter.  No problem at all for a power chair, but if you use a manual chair, you may need some assistance if you have limited upper body strength.

Recreational Access:

  • Golfcarts, scooters, and similar items are permitted (responsibly operated).
  • The central roadway through the camping area is smooth-paved and well-maintained.  It does not get very much traffic, and is used as a recreational walking and biking path.  All public buildings can be accessed through ramped, paved sidewalks or drives.  So the core walking/visiting space should be comfortable for any powerchair user or fit manual wheelchair user.  All campsites adjoin this roadway, so yes, you can go visit your neighbors.
  • The trail from the picnic shelter to the river, along the river frontage downstream, and up from the shelter to the historic cemetery, include options that do not have steps.  These are off-road, dirt trails.  But they may be accessible to some with limited mobility, depending on your equipment and capabilities.  (The new single-track hiking/biking trails are in no way imagined to be generally accessible, and include logs, pits, sharp turns, narrow passages, and other features typical of their intended use.  But if you like that kind of thing, you’re in luck.)
  • There is a large, flat-to-rolling grassy field (lawn grass, kept mowed) adjacent to the camping area that is available for whatever recreational activities suit.  (Personally, we use it for archery, kite flying and model planes.  Other people use it for ball sports, etc. )
  • The river itself is not “accessible”.  It’s a river, with your basic model wilderness riverbank.  There is not a boat ramp.  Depending on the water level, expect say a four-foot drop from the frontage trail to the water.  At some points this is rocky, at other points muddy, at other points sandy.  If you are a whitewater boater, I’ll be happy to confer with you on your options.

If you need specific information, by all means contact the campground host to check on facility dimensions, equipment particulars, and so forth.

Also, please contact me with any accessibility observations, work-arounds, or general info that would be helpful for me to post here for the benefit of other campers.


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