Due to SC DHEC regulations, we can only accommodate fully-self-contained campers.  (That means you have your own bathroom in your camper.)  Despite the wide-open fields that look like they’re just begging for tents, we don’t have the required bathhouse facilities for hosting tent-campers.  Yes, we know, it’s frustrating.  Even if your friends swear they never bathe, we still aren’t allowed to let them tent camp.

If you are visiting Palmetto Cove and wish to rendezvous with tent- or cabin- or hotel-camping friends and family, there are a number of state parks and for-profit campgrounds in the immediate area where your friends might like to stay.  I think there’s a bed-and-breakfast or two as well.   Jon and I have always enjoyed having friends drop in to visit us when we’re camping at the cove, because the group picnic shelter is just perfect for entertaining  — lots of space, tables and chairs, a large stone fire place, grills, horseshoes, the works.

If you are planning a stay at Palmetto Cove, feel free to call the Pal Cove office during the operating season (April to November) for help finding accommodations for your non-RV’ing companions.  Our volunteers are not travel agents, but they are friendly and helpful to the best of their ability.

–>Soon I’ll put a few links here.  Meanwhile, if you click on the state parks in the sidebar, you can get a start that way.  Table Rock State Park  has camping, and then you can also navigate to the state parks’ homepage and find other camping options that way.