About Palmetto Cove

Don’t let the quiet here on our blog fool you, Palmetto Cove is busier than ever.   We are open April – November every year. Check out our renovated website for updates and a campground tour at PalmettoCove.com.


new maple leaves 1

Campground’s open!

(And has been for a week or so now . . .  running behind on the announcement.)

Lavender Blossom

The season is here – come camping!

Click on this link to take a look at the PDF file of our brochure draft:

Palmetto Cove 2012 Brochure Draft

I would be grateful for anyone who can take a minute to proofread, offer any comments or suggestions, etc.  Thanks!

Time to get packed and ready to camp.

Campground closes today.  Have a lovely winter, and we’ll see you April 1, 2012.

(Photoblog does not close, though it does slow down a smidge.  We have an assortment of off-season touring pics slated for this winter.)

This is the last camping weekend before we close for the season on November 15th.  Please make arrangements to winterize your unit if you are planning to store it on-site through the winter.

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