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We have some campers looking for the registration form for the May 2011 Good Sam rally at Palmetto Cove.  Click on this sentence right here, and you’ll go straight to the form.

[It is a PDF file, so you will need the free Adobe Acrobat program in order to open it.  If your computer doesn’t already have Acrobat Reader on it (it probably does), you can download the reader program by clicking on these words right here.   http://get.adobe.com/reader/ Acrobat Reader is a free program.  Don’t get it mixed up with the expensive programs available on the site for purchase.  The one you want is the one that doesn’t cost you anything.]

Here is the SC Good Sam Unit’s main site: http://www.scgoodsam.org/ Everything you need to know about the SC Good Sam rallies can be found right there.

Have a good winter, and we’ll see you in May!


And yes, it is just fine to contact a Palmetto Cove volunteer (such as myself) for help of this sort.  We may or may not have the answer you need, but we are certainly willing to try.  If your group is planning to camp or host an event at the Cove, by all means let me know your group’s website.  I’ll stick it in the sidebar, and then when someone gets lost, we’ll have the info on hand.


Having some hand problems here, so I’m going to have to put a hold on the blogging until that resolves.  Jon may yet be trained to post photos, and of course guest posts are welcome.   But otherwise it will be quiet here for a while.


Update 11/3/10 – doing much better, am re-opening the blog.  Will see how things go.  Lots of photos for you, but hidden in the dark recesses of the Husband Files.   I’ll see what I can dig out.

Quiz 1: Sydney, Australia.

[Yeah, right, it was on the tip of your tongue.  I bet.]

And Quiz 2: Yet farther south, in Melbourne, Australia.

We think we live in The South.  Turns out we don’t know what southern is.  Your intrepid photographer, being the only person on the planet who did not want to go to Australia (but had to, for work), reports that he managed to have a good time anyway.  But that he is pleased to be back on this continent, and desperately wants to spend a week at the Cove in October.


He still owes me photos from his other secret non-SC voyage this year.  If those show up soon I’ll post them (same quiz format, only much easier to guess, I expect), otherwise I’ll publish some nice on-topic pics for you.  Am waiting on a mouse — yes a mouse — so I can dig into the PC where all the photos are stored.  I guess that could be a whole other line of quizzes – “Guess which technical difficulty is hampering the blog this week . . .?”.  Mmn.  I like the travel-photo thing better.

I have photos queued up for weekly posts through mid-august.  So the blog-drought is over for now,  no more of this once-a-month-if-you’re-lucky business.    Not that you ought to be surfing the internet, silly.  Go play outside, it’s summer!

PPS: But that new Wi-Fi at the Cove is *mighty handy* when you’re trying to keep an eye on the weather and plan a day’s activities . . .

November 15th marks the end of the camping season at Palmetto Cove.  Tragically, we forgot, twice, to bring up our collection of empty seltzer cans for Mr. B. to turn into model airplanes . . . so I guess I’ll spend my winter dodging cans every time I try to grab a book off my bookshelf.    They look nice all lined up like that, but they’ll look even better as aircraft.

Going a bit slow on the blogging lately because ordinary life is not slow at all — good, but busy.   Jon made me a pile of photos from this fall to put up for you over the winter, so the blog will still be active.     And maybe this will be the winter I get around to filling in a few more useful links.    We’ll see.


My apologies for the web silence — entirely unplanned.  Just always had one other thing to do before getting here to post.  Did finally make it over to the Cove this past weekend — beautiful weather.

Time permitting I’ll get a trip report up in the next day or so.  And then queue you up some photos for the coming month.  If I don’t make my deadline, it’ll be another month — kids and I are going to be at a family wedding.  Jon’ll hold down the fort while we’re gone, but I’m afraid the list of projects we’re leaving him is mighty long.

Hope you are having a good summer!

If you have photos from your visit to the cove or from your travels in upstate SC, I will be happy to link to you from this blog.  Leave me a comment in the combox with the URL and any other info you would like to share.

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