Photos from around Upstate South Carolina


The views inside the woods are still wide-open.

Read about the Palmetto Trail here.

Junior tour guide says:

  • It’s not too hard of a hike.  (Table Rock or something is a hard hike).
  • Not very steep except for a tiny bit.
  • 7 year-old carried a pack and did great.
  • It took half an hour or less to get in to this view.
  • There’s some different trails you can hike in a loop.
  • Not even half-day hike for this section — hiked about an hour at the most on this outing, including loops.

Campground closes Nov. 15th.  Come camp one last time before hibernation.

Poinsett Bridge, off Highway 25.  Read about it at Wikipedia.  Part of the Poinsett Bridge Heritage Preserve, managed by SC’s Department of Natural Resources.


My junior tour-guide informs us:

  • It’s a something-minute drive from Palmetto Cove.  Not that far.
  • You park across the road in the parking lot — not a busy road.
  • You can see the bridge from the road.
  • Cross the road and go down the steps, and the bridge is right there.
  • There’s a path that you can get down to the arch of the bridge.

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