Sorry for the blog silence there.  Got a bit sidetracked with winter (snow!) and then spring (no snow!).  Returning to your regularly scheduled photo blog here shortly.



Came across this one when I was looking for photos to post.  Reminded me of one of the advantages, I suppose, of digital photography: When Jon goes out for a hike, he often photographs the map at the trailhead.  And then consults it via the image-viewer on his camera.  I prefer paper myself.  But then again, often the trailhead maps cannot be had, so if you want your own, copying it yourself is the only choice.

Blog will resume as scheduled Monday. What happened is I got a lovely case of tendonitis, and had to cut back on computer usage. Did not mean to neglect this blog, so I didn’t post anything about it here. But in the process of refraining from some of my other computer tasks, I ended up skipping this blog as well. Oops. Will resume posting here on Monday — we have plenty of photos to see us through the winter. Hope everyone’s having a good winter.

Apologize for the delay – Jon’s got dibs on the computer tonight, so I’ll put up your photos tomorrow.  (FYI for those who didn’t realize, usually I post every Monday.)

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