This summer in browsing through the book shop at the Caesar’s Head State Park ranger station,  I picked up a copy of Distilling the Mysteries of Hogback Mountain by James Stehlick (April 2011, Instantpublisher).  This is a neat little book and I wish could find a link directly to it.   If anyone can help me find a good link, I would be very grateful.  This link takes you to an interview at Greenville’s News 4.  Part two of the interview is here.

If you are coming to Palmetto Cove from I-26 via Highway 11, you pass Hogback mountain (on your right) as you drive.  Hogback, and Palmetto Cove, are both part of SC’s “Dark Corner”, an area that was once controlled by clans of moonshiners who did not want to be bothered.  And would make it so.

Mr. Stehlick’s book is not a traditional-style history book.  It is a compendium of the historical documentation about Hogback Mountain, from the colonial era to the present.  Accompanying a summary of his findings, Mr. Stehlick includes numerous photographs, copies of news clippings, and even the death certificates of some of the major character’s in Hogback’s story.   For someone interested in further research on the upstate SC mountain culture and history, this book would be a great resource.

All proceeds of sales of the book are donated to the  SC Nature Conservancy, in order to fund an expansion of Jones Gap State Park.   I’ll bring up my copy of the book to put in Palmetto Cove’s club house, so you can browse it at your leisure on your next camping trip.  The Spartanburg County Library System also has two copies on the shelves.  Enjoy.