A few FYI’s for those who are new to the blog universe:

  • When you post a comment on this blog, I can see your e-mail address and everyone else cannot.  So if you are posting because you wish to contact us, you do not need to post your e-mail address in the text of your comment in order for Jon or I to be able to contact you.  And thus you do not need to worry about the whole universe being able to spam you.
  • The first time you comment from a new IP address, your comment will be held for moderation.  If you think your comment accidentally got caught in the spam filter, just let me know.  Re-post the comment and put a little note in it explaining what you think happened.
  • If you post personal information (such as a phone number) in your comment, I will leave it unapproved, so that everyone and their brother doesn’t start calling.   Look for an e-mail reply from me instead.   –> If you *want* everyone to know the info, such as the contact number for a local event you want me to post about, say so!
  • I am more than happy to post links to upcoming events in the area.  Anything that would reasonably be of interest to Palmetto Cove campers is fair game for consideration.  Keeping in mind this is a family campground, etc etc.
  • (And therefore, just because I post to a link to an event or attraction does not mean it is in anyway approved, endorsed, sponsored, canonized, etc., by official powers that be at Palmetto Cove.  Or even by me.  It just means someone asked me to post about an event, and I did.  The food might be horrible for all I know.  Not if it’s Mrs. Miller’s cooking, of course.  But anyone else’s, no promises.)

3 Responses to “Combox FYI’s”

  1. Jacob "Jake" Butts Says:

    Hi, we have been members of the Cove for about 5 yrs now and I currently serve on the board. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this web site.

  2. Jake – thanks for the kind words! We enjoy doing the site (even though we sometimes get behind and don’t keep the photos flowing as much as we’d like).

  3. Pamela Maxwell Says:

    Hello, I have such fond memories of the Cove. My parents were members (late 80’s) when it was just for Airstreams. It is such a beautiful area .Very quiet and relaxing. Not that many kids running around back then, but we managed to find things to do. The river was always a fun spot but only for a short time as the water was extremely cold, even in the dead of summer. And not to forget our evening trips to Aunt Sues for ice cream. I just recently moved back to Greenville, SC (hometown) and will have to make a drive out here. Great memories!

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