IMG_0675purple flowers

One from the vault – not sure when it was taken.  But now’s a great time of year to wander the backroads and just look around.


new maple leaves 1

Campground’s open!

(And has been for a week or so now . . .  running behind on the announcement.)

 photo snow10.jpg

A little snow, and then spring’s just around the corner . . .

Autumn Leaves in the Woods

My personal favorite camping season is here!

The cove’s been humming along this season — and as usual, the internet is neglected as we all play outside.  ‘Tis the season for . . . whitewater.  Tons of it.  This has been one of our wettest seasons on record.

How much whitewater?  You can play around with the water level and flow statistics by visiting here:

Click to enlarge.

What’s going on underneath all this water?  For a lovely video from the Department of Natural Resources, shot just a few miles from the Cove, take a look here:

I love the way they tell you what fish you’re looking at.  One of these years, I’m going to know my river fish.

New Maple Leaves

Lavender Blossom

The season is here – come camping!